Blood / Blood-C Watch Order

Blood / Blood-C Watch Order
Blood / Blood-C Watch Order – Poster

Hey guys, this is how to watch Blood (Blood- C, Blood +) Series in the right order I’ll be giving you the correct order to watch it without missing any single season ona or even a movie it’s an Horror, Adventure, Thriller, Dark anime that you really love to start watching it.

I made this for those who just started actually Watching Blood Series and they don’t have any intention to skip a single episode I will explain to you the correct order to watch it and prepare yourself.

How to Watch Blood in Order

There is the Right Chronological order to watch Blood Series in 2022.

1. Blood: The Last Vampire (Movie 1)

Runtime: 48Min
Released in: 2000

2. Blood +

Type: TV
Episode: 50 Episode
Runtime: 20hr
Released in: 2005

3. Blood- C

Type: TV

Episode: 12 Episode

Runtime: 4.8hr
Released in: 2011

4. Blood – C: The Last Dark (Movie 2)


Runtime: 1.50hr

Released in: 2012

5. Blood – C: None- None Gekijou (ONA)

Type: ONA

Episode: 7 Episode

Runtime: 14Min

Released in: 2012

6. Blood – C: Special Edition (Special)


Episode: 2 Episode

Runtime: 50Min

Released in: 2012

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