Maken-Ki! Watch Order

Hey guys, this is how to watch Maken-Ki! Series in the right order I’ll be giving you the correct order to watch it without missing any single season ova or even a movie it’s an Action, Harem, anime that you really love to start watching it.

I made this for those who just started actually Watching Maken-Ki! Series and they don’t have any intention to skip a single episode I will explain to you the correct order to watch it and prepare yourself.

Maken-Ki! Watch Order

There is the Right Chronological order to watch Maken-Ki! Series in 2022.

1. Maken-Ki! (Season 1)

  • Type: TV
  • Episode: 12 Episode
  • Runtime: 5hr
  • Released in: 2011

2. Maken-Ki!? (OVA 1)

  • Type: OVA
  • Episode: 2 Episode
  • Runtime: 48Min
  • Released in: 2013

3. Maken-Ki! Two (Season 2)

  • Type: TV
  • Episode: 10 Episode
  • Runtime: 4hr
  • Released in: 2014

There are 2 Special series each with 5 episodes but they are skippable, the story is repeated in seasons. 

Where to watch Maken-Ki! Legally

Below are the best options to watch Maken-Ki! Legally

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