Blue Exorcist Watch Order Netflix 2022

Blue Exorcist Watch Order Netflix 2022

Hey guys, this is how to watch the Blue Exorcist Series in the right order I’ll be giving you the correct order to watch it without missing any single season ova or even a movie it’s a Comedy, Parody anime that you really need to start watching it.

I made this for those who just started actually Watching Blue Exorcist Series and they don’t have any intention to skip a single episode I will explain to you the correct order to watch it and prepare yourself.

Blue Exorcist Watch Order Netflix

There is the Right Chronological order to watch Blue Exorcist Series in 2022.

1. Blue Exorcist Season – 1

Type: TV
Episode: 25 Episode
Runtime: 9.6hr
Released in: 2011

2. Blue Exorcist The movie

Type: Movie
Runtime: 1.28Min

Released in: 2012

3. Blue Exorcist: Runaway Kuro

Type: TV
Episode: 1 Episode
Runtime: 24Min
Released in: 2011

4. Blue Exorcist Season – 2: Kyoto Saga

Type: TV
Episode: 12 Episode
Runtime: 4.8hr 

Released in: 2017

5. Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga

Type: OVA
Episode: 2 Episode
Runtime: 48Min

Released in: 2017

6. Blue Exorcist Season – 3

“Yet To be Released” (Coming Soon 2023)

Where to watch Blue Exorcist Legally

Below are the best options to watch Blue Exorcist Legally

Unfortunately Guys on Netflix You won’t find All Blue Exorcist Episode & Movies in some of the countries Due to Geoblocks by Streaming Services, but to watch this blocked content you need a VPN.

How to start Watching Blue Exorcist on Netflix

Due to Geoblocks, You guys Need a VPN to watch this blocked content, Japan & France There are the Two Countries that have access to All Blue Exorcist Episodes, & OVA.

How to Watch Blue Exorcist From Anywhere With a VPN

Die-hard Blue Exorcist fans have several options for watching the Blue Exorcist series, but in most cases, you’ll need a VPN. 
In addition to helping bypass Netflix geoblocks, a VPN is essential for torrenting or when using illegal streaming websites, as it will protect the user’s identity and help avoid copyright violation lawsuits and ISP throttling.
One of My Favorite VPNs is Nord VPN it provides Secure Internet, Fastest VPN Also Block Malware / Viruses at the same time, It Has Japan & France Server Available with 5500+ Servers in 60 Countries with 24/7 Support It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a try before committing.

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